Desireé Recommends

This page is for people and services that I recommend. Click the icons to be taken to their respective pages.

You will find recommendations for writers, anti traffickers, and people who care about their mental health.

Self Publishing School

An online community and school for anyone who wants to be a full time author.

Kingdom Writers Association

A resource center for Christian writers of all levels to empower, equip, and unlock you in your scribal calling and publish award winning content across multiple genres to.

Cinema Therapy

Making sense of life, one blockbuster at a time. Licensed family therapist Jonathan Decker and professional filmmaker Alan Seawright break down your favorite movies, searching the characters, themes and plots to find things you can use to improve your life and mental health. 

Better Help

Better Help is an online hub of 15,000 counselors that matches you with a counselor based on your preferences. You can schedule weekly video and phone sessions, and there is financial aid available if you need it. If for whatever reason you don’t vibe well with your therapist, they can easily switch you to a new one.

Redeem and Restore 

An organization I volunteer with that is dedicated to helping women get out of sexual exploitation and restore if them to the goodness God has for them.

CreativeArts Resource Center

Created to bring inner healing to bring outer transformation. Growing people, families, communities, and cities through creative arts. Our current groups are dance, writing, and art focused. 

Website coming soon.

Book Cover Designs

Alejandro Martin did an amazing job with my cover design and formatting. He exceeded my expectations.
[email protected]

I have also seen good work from