Erica Karrels


Winning the Silent Battle

“Have you ever felt lost? Not sure who to reach out to for help, or where to begin your own journey of healing? Desireé has beautifully unpacked stepping stones on where to begin to walk in wholeness. This book is for anyone seeking healing in their heart. Most importantly, the reader leaves with a sense of hope.”



Winning the Silent Battle

It's one thing when you relate to every chapter and subtitle. It's another thing when you know two pages in, she gets me. She really does get where I'm coming from and she understands these struggles.

Like Young says in the book, this is not a replacement for therapy. Yet I find reading this is thawing ice I didn't realize I still held onto. That is an indescribable gift.

Billie Woodruff 


Winning the Silent Battle

The author writes personal stories honestly and openly in which she shares how God has guided her and the love He has for her. I so understand how God does this and loved it! It includes reminding you of what God wants you to know and helpful info. It's a beautiful book! Recommended!

Faith Hehling


Check out Kaleidoscope by my talented friend, Desiree T. Young ! This powerful and heart-wrenching story speaks on a very real issue right here in Milwaukee and around the state and globe: human trafficking. This is a fiction novel with a very nonfiction topic and purpose. Well-written and heartfelt, and showing her great knowledge of the dark inner workings of this industry, Desi crafts the stories of several girls and their journeys to healing and freedom. She also highlights super practical ways you can help. I read this in 2 days, it was that good. But don't take my word for it... check it out here yourself!

Kyrie Winter


Desiree! What an amazing book you wrote! It’s an easy-smooth read filled with stories that encourage you to pray for our cities and victims of human trafficking. I pray many people encounter Jesus love and hope through this book!

Emily Winter


Get this book! Desiree, you are such a creative person and I loved the colorful storytelling you shared with us. It’s a fiction novel, but about a subject that is so real. I’m having a hard time putting it down!

Kathy Manna


“Not enough is written exposing the evils of human trafficking. With compassion and Truth DESIREÉ inspires us to take seriously the problem While uncoverIng the societal tragedy of broken families. It is a must read for any teenage girl.”

Linda Branscombe


"Suspenseful, riveting and hopeful. Desiree writes with force a descriptive reality of human trafficking. A must read!"